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Friday, March 9, 2012

Ear Flap Beanie #2 Pink and Brown Pom Poms!

 This is another one of my new Pink and Brown Ear Flaps Beanies.  After talking to my friend Tanessa who was the one who inspired the whole idea in the first place she said that she was looking for something with the colors more blended together, so I tried doing just that.  I took both strands of the yarn, one brown, one pink, and made the hat using them both at the same time.  It came out amazingly good!  To my wonderful husband it is a little too "generic" for what I usually make but it's cute all the same.   He is one of my biggest inspirations sometimes.  We will be out somewhere and he'll see some yarn in a new color or something and he'll just grab it and buy it, and tell me that I need to make a new beanie, or a new pouch, or something else that is totally amazing and I would have never thought of.  I don't what I would do without him sometimes.  I have been in a slump for weeks I feel like, and the other day, he bought this pink and brown yarn, and I have sort of come out of my funk.  I am dreaming about new hats again, and I want to make one out of green and yellow a lot like this for MY new Duck hat for this football season.  I know that I will have to post it on here when it's done because I love sharing stuff.  So stay tuned. 

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