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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black and white and red all over!

So the theme to my new house is black, white and red.  I've never been able to completely decorate my own house with whatever colors I wanted because I've either been living at my husband's parents house, or in one of their rentals which his mother decorates in her own colors, and then you are left to coordinate with that.  Not much fun if you ask me.  The whole point of moving into a new house is to make the space your own, am I right?  

I was so excited to find my carpet in this new house to be a neutral color because I have been obsessed with black, white and red.  I had already started the afghan for our bedroom, but then started on the table runner which is taking longer than expected but is almost done, and now I am working on a pattern for a center piece for my kitchen table.  

I found this really cool picture of a rose set on a black background at the Goodwill which is a perfect accent to the walls.  All we have hanging right now is our family pictures from this year.  Surprisingly we did our pictures in black, white and red.  It wasn't intentional either, we had just bought this really cute dress for our daughter that was black and red, then found a white, black and red sweater for my son, a red dress for me, and black and red sweater for my husband.  When we were putting up the pictures I laughed when I noticed how perfect they were going to go with my whole theme.  

To me it's so funny how my life falls together.  By no fault of my own I feel like sometimes the things that happen in my life are just magical.  The "I HAVE to have that" moments in a store, or the OCD freak-outs I have about making sure everyone matches and coordinates, that make absolutely no sense at the time, but seem to be absolutely perfect later on.  I love it.  

People used to tell me that I have no sense of style.  I don't care what other people think are cool.......it's true that I don't keep up on the "latest fashions" because I am not worried about that kind of stuff.  I'm a Mom.  I have two kids who take up the majority of my time and energy.  However, I do think I have a pretty good sense of style.  I walk to a different beat, but that beat is up tempo and exciting.  I love creating new things, and making things beautiful.  I am a beautiful person (inside) and I love to show people the beauty that can be found in this world with just a little imagination.  

I leave you with this thought for today.......

If everyone looked and acted the same, this would be a boring world.  Be COLORFUL!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little Girls Mint Green Fingerless Gloves

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For the most part I wanted this set of gloves to be elegant and stylish while serving the purpose of keeping your hand warm while your fingers are free to do whatever.  I think in a way I achieved my goal because they are absolutely adorable!  The mint green of the yarn has a shimmer to it that sparkles in the sunlight, and then adding the sparkly black bow to match the hat's I have in my Mommy and Me sets just made them perfect.  I was thinking about splitting up the hats, and making the child size a set of gloves and hat together and then doing the same for the mommy set, but I want to be able to take a picture of them on a little girl together for my posting before I do that.  So far I have just decided that the gloves are perfect on their own.  I have found that the bow needs to be untied before the gloves are put on though because if it is left tied, you can't slip your hands all the way in.  It's not a difficult bow so it's pretty simple to just re-tie them after you put them on.  A little girl would need mom's help of course.

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For the guys! Mens Super Soft Homespun Blue Beanie

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Purple Orange and Black Slouchy Beanie

Love the way this turned out!  I have an obsession with a few different color combinations.  As you can see from my other posts and pieces that my main obsession right now is Black, White and Red.  My whole house is going to be decked out in those colors and I am madly creating everything I can think of to bring my house together, but the second color combination I can't seem to get enough of is Purple and Orange.  Since I can remember Orange has been my favorite color.  It started with a boyfriend who loved the color orange and loved when I wore anything orange because he said it brought out the color of my eyes.  They are a golden hazel color with green and blue hues in them, and for some reason Orange just makes those blues and greens pop out.  So began my love for orange.  Not long after that disastrous relationship ended I started wearing purple and orange together.  Not really sure why, but I worked then and it's still working now.  I hope you enjoy! 

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Pastel Rainbow Open Weave Slouchy Beanie

Have you ever just wanted to find a hat that you could wear with pretty much anything?  If its spring time and you're a girl, this hat is just that.  The soft pastel colors are simply amazing and the way the yarn laid itself out is spectacular.  I have gone back and forth about whether or not I should put a bow in this one but I have decided that whoever buys it can decide if they want a bow.  I think it's perfect just the way it is.  I have warn it once just to see the reactions that people would give me and it has been awesome!  I have worn my other hats around for just the same reason, and some get attention some don't but I literally had 5 people stop me in the mall and ask where I got it from.  Great business since I had my new business cards with me at the time, but you can see that this hat just get's noticed for it's elegant beauty.  I hope you enjoyed my post!  I'm trying to be more personal on here but I'm not always the best at putting my words down in writing.

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Move Completed, back to making more stuff!

In the midst of my move I was able to make a few new hats, and I am still working on the afghan for my bedroom that is Black, White and Red homespun yarn.  I decided that my house was going to be decked out in those colors and have been madly trying to create and find stuff to coordinate.  I have made afghans and blankets before, mostly for babies, but this is my first full sized afghan.  It's going to be amazing when it's done but it's taking a long time and a lot of yarn.  I guess it's my fault for having a California King Sized bed.  I noticed that when making a large blanket or afghan, you can't guess on how much yarn you need.  I tried and I am finding that I am short by more than half of what I really needed.  I never thought that it would take 20+ skeins of that homespun stuff to make a blanket big enough for my bed but it's turning out to be that much.  I think I'm on skein number 7 or 8 and I'm only about 1/4 of the way finished.  It's going to be spectacular when it's actually done.  I am making it a zigzag pattern which I have never tried before and it's turning out really REALLY good.  I am also in the middle of making a table runner in my signature stripes pattern of Black White and Red for my coffee table.  Stay tuned for pictures of them when I get them done.  The table runner should be done later on today!  I am so excited to be in my own home again that I can hardly contain myself.  I have already noticed that my creative juices are flowing in overtime since the move because I have so much inspiration for new ideas!  I love my life!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moving is putting a chink in my creativity!

So I'm in the process of moving and it has made my ability to focus and think of new ideas for yarn creations extremely difficult.  I'm not sure why exactly except that my focus is on getting everything cleaned up, packed up, and moved.  Not strung out everywhere matching up colors with pattern ideas in my head, trying stuff out, taking it apart, trying something else, until finally I have something that I am happy with.  I'm in a bit of a slump because no one is buying or really even looking at the stuff in my shop as much as they used to and I don't know if it's because I haven't posted anything new in a few days or if it's because it's just a slow time of year because it's now AFTER Valentine's Day.  I just hope that when I get the pictures up of my two new hats and get them posted it will make things better.  I guess I could post on here some of my fingerless gloves.  I have a new pair that I have made but haven't finished the Mommy set of the pair so they are a work in progress.  In this post you see my purple fingerless gloves.  They are simple but super warm and great for those of us who use our fingers for everything so you need them free.  I hope you all like them.  They have gotten a lot of admirers on Etsy.  I'm always open to making these of any color they are just mostly a made to order kinda thing.  You know how it is.  I can make them to match ANY of my hats, and when I say that I am not joking.  Just ask.  If you want to buy the set I can list it and you will get a discount! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My newest Duck Stripes Beanie for Kids

This is my new duck stripes beanie. I am a huge fan of the Oregon Ducks and having anything yellow and green is a must during football season. Plus the tailgators can get pretty chilly when we are getting down to the end of the season. (All except when we get to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.) So to have a nice warm beanie is a great accessory. This is a youth size for children of most ages. The boy pictured is age 4 but it also fits my nephew who just turned 7 and has a large head. I hope you like it as much as we do here where the Ducks fly free!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I sold 4 things on Etsy in one week!!!!!

It is the most exhilarating feeling ever when you get that email that says "Etsy Transaction Confirmation" Especially when it's your very first sale.  I got mine on January 31st.  This wonderful lady sent me a message asking me to make her daughter a matching hat like one I had for sale, so of course I did, reposted it and she bought it!  It was awesome!  Then less than 2 days later I got another sale, one of my pouches!  Nothing for a few days, and then BAMMMMM I sold another hat, posted it to facebook that I had sold it, and one of my good friends asked if I would make another one, so I did obviously and she bought it right away!  I can't believe it!  This could really become something!  So I made a new hat to celebrate!