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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black and white and red all over!

So the theme to my new house is black, white and red.  I've never been able to completely decorate my own house with whatever colors I wanted because I've either been living at my husband's parents house, or in one of their rentals which his mother decorates in her own colors, and then you are left to coordinate with that.  Not much fun if you ask me.  The whole point of moving into a new house is to make the space your own, am I right?  

I was so excited to find my carpet in this new house to be a neutral color because I have been obsessed with black, white and red.  I had already started the afghan for our bedroom, but then started on the table runner which is taking longer than expected but is almost done, and now I am working on a pattern for a center piece for my kitchen table.  

I found this really cool picture of a rose set on a black background at the Goodwill which is a perfect accent to the walls.  All we have hanging right now is our family pictures from this year.  Surprisingly we did our pictures in black, white and red.  It wasn't intentional either, we had just bought this really cute dress for our daughter that was black and red, then found a white, black and red sweater for my son, a red dress for me, and black and red sweater for my husband.  When we were putting up the pictures I laughed when I noticed how perfect they were going to go with my whole theme.  

To me it's so funny how my life falls together.  By no fault of my own I feel like sometimes the things that happen in my life are just magical.  The "I HAVE to have that" moments in a store, or the OCD freak-outs I have about making sure everyone matches and coordinates, that make absolutely no sense at the time, but seem to be absolutely perfect later on.  I love it.  

People used to tell me that I have no sense of style.  I don't care what other people think are cool.......it's true that I don't keep up on the "latest fashions" because I am not worried about that kind of stuff.  I'm a Mom.  I have two kids who take up the majority of my time and energy.  However, I do think I have a pretty good sense of style.  I walk to a different beat, but that beat is up tempo and exciting.  I love creating new things, and making things beautiful.  I am a beautiful person (inside) and I love to show people the beauty that can be found in this world with just a little imagination.  

I leave you with this thought for today.......

If everyone looked and acted the same, this would be a boring world.  Be COLORFUL!!!!

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