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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little Girls Mint Green Fingerless Gloves

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For the most part I wanted this set of gloves to be elegant and stylish while serving the purpose of keeping your hand warm while your fingers are free to do whatever.  I think in a way I achieved my goal because they are absolutely adorable!  The mint green of the yarn has a shimmer to it that sparkles in the sunlight, and then adding the sparkly black bow to match the hat's I have in my Mommy and Me sets just made them perfect.  I was thinking about splitting up the hats, and making the child size a set of gloves and hat together and then doing the same for the mommy set, but I want to be able to take a picture of them on a little girl together for my posting before I do that.  So far I have just decided that the gloves are perfect on their own.  I have found that the bow needs to be untied before the gloves are put on though because if it is left tied, you can't slip your hands all the way in.  It's not a difficult bow so it's pretty simple to just re-tie them after you put them on.  A little girl would need mom's help of course.

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