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Monday, March 12, 2012

GO Ducks! Green and Yellow Ear Flaps and Pom Poms!

 If you live in or around Eugene Oregon you have at least heard of the Oregon Ducks!  Almost anywhere in the country if you follow college football has heard of us in recent years because of our amazing new Head Coach Chip Kelly who has brought our team to new levels!  Just this year, he brought us to our first Rose Bowl Championship since the early 1900's. 

I myself am a HUGE Duck Fan, same with my wonderful husband and all of our friends.  Each year during football season we have huge Game watching parties, where we rotate houses and bring goodies to eat, and we all watch the games.  It's been a while since I made it to an actual tailgater but they are an experience all their own.  The games are amazing but it's super cold most of the time, so I decided to coin in on that and start making Duck inspired hat's.  You have already seen my 'Duck Stripes" beanie, which I have now in Youth, Teen, Adult Female, and Adult Male sizes.  They are a super hit with my sister and her family, as well as all our guy friends. 

The other day I was looking at my Pink and Brown Blended Ear Flaps Beanie and just had an epiphany.  Duck Beanie's with Ear Flaps and Pom Pom!  This is the finished product.  I love it!
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