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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Homepsun Surprise! Blue with hints of Purple

Yarn is one of the most interesting (or boring according to my husband) things I can ever talk about. To me it is such an amazing medium. When I go shopping for yarn, I see the outside of a skein. When it is balled up and you can only see the outside colors. I am a very visual person so when I see something on the "outside" I try to imagine what it will look like as a finished product and buy accents to go with the picture I have in my head.

This yarn, Lyons Brand Homespun is my favorite yarn EVER!!! I have bought multiple skeins in all different colors and each time I buy one that is not a solid color but has some crazy name like 'Colonial' or 'Waterfall' it never turns out to be the same colors I had imagined in my head.

With this one which is called 'Colonial' I had pictured in my head a more medium color blue with grey accents throughout, but as you can see it is not just the blue and grey. Purple accents are everywhere. They are very subtle in some parts and then they are more dense around the back of the hat. It's simply spectacular! Had I known that when I was buying my ribbons to go with I would have tried to find a soft purple and blue ribbon to go with maybe.

With the ribbons I decided that the navy blue wasn't enough on it's own, and neither was the light blue, so I put them together. Little did I know that when they were against one another the light blue has a line of shimmer that totally stands out against the dark navy blue of the other one. I am terrible at tying bows, so this one I just couldn't get to look right for the pictures but when you put it on it looks super cute. This isn't the hat I was talking about in my previous post, that one is still in the works so stay tuned.

That's all for me today, I have a long weekend and a lot of work to do to get ready for the show I am planning on doing for the 18th of March. If I decided to actually do it then I will post location and times if you want to come by and see my stuff in person. Thanks for looking!!!

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