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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday is hump day.......

I guess they call this day of the week hump day for a reason right?  It not only is the exact MIDDLE of the work week but it is also that day that seems to take FOREVER!!!  It to me is the longest day of the week by far.  At least that seems to be how my brain likes to perceive it.  Today I am finding it hard to get motivated to do anything productive.  I thought that I would have a lot of success with my last hat, the pink and brown one, and yet it seems that no one is interested at all.  My moral for wanting to keep going is depleting more and more each day with no sales, and less and less views of my stuff.  I know that building and audience and clientele takes time.  I just really wish there were something that would happen that would make it easier to wait and be patient.  Patience is my worst character flaw.  I have absolutely none when it comes to getting something I really want.  It helps when I use that motivation to do something good, like create new and beautiful things, but it can play the other angle and completely ruin my ability to think of new things until I get something I have already made sold again.

That Tophatter auction site I joined, sold my second item for a pretty decent price.  It was my Light Purple Homespun Open Weave Slouchy with Sparkly Bow.

  But now I can't even list my other items on there for another auction for some reason.  I can't sell anything if I can't list it, so I'm super bummed and frustrated about that.  I opened a new site thru Copius which has gotten a few hits but no one buying.  I have begun work on a new hat, Pink and Brown again but a totally different design.  More even with the colors.  I'm just hoping that after a few more weeks, when the weather gets nicer and I have more time to work on my stuff, I will have more people interested again.  I am doing the Pick-a-dilly flea market in Eugene on March 19 so if you live in the area, come by and see my stuff in person!

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