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High Quality Hand Crocheted
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Satisfied Special Order Customer!

     Even though it's a slow time of year, I am happy to say that I made another sale!  My love for my Chihuahua, Ducati has finally paid off.  His Halloween costume from last year, the Football, was asked for by one of my Etsy customers.  I am so happy to say that it is finished and on it's way to warm it's new owner.  My little guy is 3 now and since he was a puppy I have always felt so bad in the winter time when he would just sit there and shiver all day long.  Even in the summer on a cold, rainy day he would do it too, so I make him sweaters of all types.  Little did I know that it is very common for his breed to shiver all the time even when they are not really cold, but nervous too, but for what ever reason, he doesn't shake and shiver when he's wearing one of his sweaters.  So now I have ones made especially for the summer that keep him cool, but make him less nervous apparently too.  :)  I hope that this is the same for my new found friend.

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