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High Quality Hand Crocheted
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Sale! My confidence is growing!

     I happily sold this hat yesterday on Yardseller.com.  It is a new site thing thru your facebook page.  Whatever the source of the sale, I don't care.  I am excited that people like my stuff enough to want to buy it and have me ship it across the US.  This latest sale came from Missouri.  I love what I do.  Creating new and beautiful things is always so much fun.  To me it really doesn't matter if I sell anything or not.  When people actually buy it though, it makes me feel so accomplished.    I sometimes hate that I need outside acceptance so much in my life, but doesn't everyone?  At least a little?

     When I was a little girl, getting praised for my gymnastics or singing was an everyday thing.  It got to be that I didn't even realize sometimes when people were paying me a compliment, and they would think me rude for not responding.  It's not that I was TRYING to be rude or stuck up, I was just always more focused on what I was doing rather than what people thought about it.  Now that I'm all grown-up, I wish I had kept some of that "carefree" attitude that I used to have.  There are so many things in my life that I used to enjoy that now I am so self-conscious about them I can't even bring myself to try.  Not crochet, thank the goddess!  This I can share with the world and love no matter if it sells like hot cakes, or just sits there and looks pretty.  Creating these things is what brings me joy and happiness.  It just makes it all the better when others enjoy them as much as I do.

     Mimosa Hat, you are now on your way to your new owner, and I wish you well.  Make me proud!

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