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Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Summer so it's time for some fun new Headbands!

Well with summer here and most of the rest of the world getting hotter instead of staying cool like where I live, I have had a lot of requests for headbands instead of my slouchy hats.  Here in the Pacific Northwest having a hat at any time is always a good idea.  You never know when it's going to break out in a sudden downpour!  Anywhere else in the world though, on a crisp summer night you don't necessarily want a hat but maybe just a headband that keeps your hair back and your ears from getting chilly. 

The open weave I decided to do with these turned out a lot better than I had hoped it would.  It really holds your hair in place while allowing it to not get matted to your head from sweat.  I made matching black ones for my best friend Shaunney and Myself.  I have almost every color you can think of but to list the ones I have readily available:

Solid One Color:
Dark Purple
Light Lavender Purple
Light Blue
Bright Lime Green

Pink Camouflage
Green Camouflage
Desert Camouflage
Red, orange, purple, and brown
Blue, turquoise, purple,  and green
Bright Rainbow
Green, blue, turquoise, and sea foam green
Pink, orange, purple

I hope you like them.


Mrz Jaques

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