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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ambrosia, the food of the gods...

     As a believer in the Gods of ancient Greece and all of the old stories of Greek Mythology, seeing the name of this yarn being "Ambrosia" automatically made me think of all the Gods and Goddesses sitting up at Mt. Olympus lounging around eating.  Having never seen actual "Ambrosia" myself, only that nasty stuff they sell at the grocery store that is red Jell-O and whipped cream with chunks of fruit salad in it, (gag me with a crooked spoon! YUCK!!!) my imagination has me believing that it is this fuchsia color gelatinous goo type substance, that is like, shimmering and looks like that really cool almost metallic looking stuff they used to put in those toys they called "water weenie's."  To me it is something that could never be duplicated in the human world no matter how hard we try.  

     As much as I love the mixing of all the colors in this hat, it doesn't say "Ambrosia" to me.  I would have called it, "Flirtatious Fuchsia" or something like that.  Lion Brand Homespun has some of the funniest names for their yarn.  It is always one or two words.  Like "Delft" or "Mediterranean" and the colors never cease to amaze me, but I definitely would have found some better names for a few of them.  

     This has mostly the deep fuchsia as the base color but it blends in soft subtle hints of tangerine, peach, soft rose, aqua, turquoise and even a little plum to really bring the deep cool colors out.  I have found that this hat really looks good with deep blue and purple colors in your outfits because it accents the subtle hints of those colors in the hat.  You can wear it with a lot more than you would originally think.  Obviously it looks good with pinks and purples.  I really hope you like it.  I've been a little slow on making things lately.  I've been severely ill.  

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrz Jaques

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