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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lion Brand Homespun..... Oops, I've been miss spelling it this whole time! :)

     I feel like an absolute dummy because of this but I got a comment on one of my hats that the name of the Yarn that I love so much isn't Lyons Brand it's just plain Lion Brand Homespun.  Silly little me hadn't even really looked at the logo on the skeins before and assumed it was someone's last name not the animal.  Oops, my bad!

     Well I am officially correcting myself.  I am also going to be posting the awesome names of the different colors I have been using as well, that is as long as I can find them again.  :)  The hat I am referring to that got the comment was my Pastel Rainbow Open Weave Slouchy Beanie.  The name of the yarn for that is Tudor, which I sold by the way, thru a site called Style.ly and I love them!  I had that hat posted for less than a week and someone bought it!  AWESOME!!!!

     They require a tracking number to be verified which usually takes like 1-3 business days before you see the payment in your Paypal but after that you get the whole amount, not a penny is taken out for the Paypal transaction!  It was, (yep I'm gonna say it again) awesome!  It totally brought me out of my funk of not selling anything.  It also made me think about going out and buying random colors with cool names and seeing what they turned out to be like.

     For example, I got this new color called Mimosa, you know the drink right?  So I'm thinking by the way the colors on the skein are that it's going to be this cool purple and pink with a cream color mixed in..... NOPE!!!  I mean, don't get me wrong, you can see that it DOES have those colors, but it also has orange and yellow that blend in and out of it.  It's truly spectacular!  I'm a big fan of anything pink and purple, especially when it blends in a little bit of orange!!!!  I'm going to make another hat for me to keep out of this yarn for sure!!!!  I need to find a bow to go with it if I'm going to make one for me. 

I don't even know what else to say about it.  Words don't even begin to express what seeing this amazing hat in person does.  I think I'm going to end it with just that.  Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their weekend!


Mrz Jaques

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