High Quality Hand Crocheted

High Quality Hand Crocheted
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Testing the waters......

I am trying to show my husband that having a blog about yarn isn't a bad thing.  I have dedicated this site to the art of crochet.  I love it, it has consumed most of my adult life and I have learned many things about myself thru crochet.  I have learned that I can be patient and thru that patience I can create beautiful things.  My hats are my pride of course, but because of the mad obsession with the crochet pouches I've been making lately I have been trying to focus on that more.  There are so many people who make hats in this world, but not many who make quality crochet bags and pouches for custom glass pieces.  So that is going to by my niche.  These are my newest creations.  Check them out!

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